Requesting a repair can be done by completing the form found by clicking the button below.

Maintenance Request Form


Who is responsible for repairs

Generally, when repairs or maintenance are due to fair wear and tear or age (naturally caused deterioration) then there is no tenant charge for these repairs. When repairs are due to other causes, the tenant is responsible for  the cost of repairs if undertaken by Uniting Country Housing (UCH).


When will my repairs or maintenance be done?

Repairs and maintenance are undertaken on a priority system. When a request for repairs or maintenance is received, we work out the priority and of the request. This includes reviewing the immediate or likely impact on personal safety, wellbeing and further property damage.



What if there is an earthquake, flood, or other natural disaster?

If your safety is in immediate or possible danger, call 000 (Triple Zero) and ask for the relevant emergency service (fire, ambulance or police). If you home or property is in immediate danger due to flood or other natural disaster, you can phone State Emergency Services on 13 25 00, as well as contacting UCH on 1300 067 777.