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Board and Executive Team

2024/25 Board Members & Senior Leadership Team

Uniting Country SA is led by a highly-skilled and dedicated Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team who bring immense subject-matter expertise and unwavering commitment to their roles.

The thoughtful composition of the Board and Executive Team includes industry experts from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, ensuring the best outcomes are delivered for country people and communities in South Australia.

2022/2023 Board Members

Chair, Non-Executive Director
Peter Hollister
GAICD, B.Sc. (Hons I) Maths, MBA

Deputy Chair
Non-Executive Director
Paul Thomas AM

Non-Executive Director
Jo Court
BA Commerce, Adv Dip Financial Services, CPA

Non-Executive Director
Chez Curnow

Non-Executive Director
Lachlan McAuliffe

Non-Executive Director
Kym Thomas

Non-Executive Director
Libby Craft

Non-Executive Director
Hon Dan Van Holst Pellekaan

Non-Executive Director
Marcus Perry

2022/23 Senior Leadership Team

CEO & Executive Director
Dr Harry Randhawa MB BS LLB/LP

General Manager, People, Communication and Assurance
Karen Shearer

General Manager, Service Delivery
Chris Kennett

Executive Manager - Services
Anne Crouch

Executive Manager - Services
Yvonne Baker

Executive Manager - Services
Scott Cugley

Senior Financial Manager
Megan O'Shaughnessy,

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