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Working towards reconciliation, together

We establish collaborative partnerships that value equality between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians. In this shared environment, we emphasise trust, respect, and mutual understanding. Our approach involves close cooperation with staff, clients, organisations, and communities, ensuring an inclusive and supportive space for all.

See our Reconciliation Action Plan 2019-2024

Our commitment to reconciliation

We recognise the historical injustices and the disparities in rights experienced by Aboriginal people. To address these, we have established key initiatives aimed at enhancing our services, promoting ongoing learning, and progressing on our journey towards reconciliation.

Key aspects of our approach include:

Cultural recognition

We will recognise and celebrate significant events and dates of importance to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Cultural safety

We prioritise cultural intelligence, service delivery and employment processes, demonstrating our values of inclusivity and respect.

Training and learning

All staff actively participate in ongoing cultural competency training, learning from First Nations People, each other and the community.

Collaboration with First Australian services

We actively foster a robust relationship with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community and cultural services, ensuring meaningful engagement.

Reconciliation Action Plan

Our RAP focuses on improving opportunities for First Nations People staff and clients by creating culturally safe spaces, building understanding and respectful relationships.

Ongoing feedback and advocacy

We seek feedback from First Nations Peoples and communities to support us to appropriately advocate for their needs.

Participation and governance

We encourage and facilitate First Nations People’s participation in our governance processes to ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices are heard.

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