Uniting Country SA's Resilient Families - Reunification program supports families who have become separated from their children to reunify. When children have been removed from a family for their safety, we work with the family to improve relationships and make their home safe. Where children and young people have been placed in out of home care we work with the family so that the Children and Young People can return to a safe, secure and stable environment. 

How does this program work?

The Resilient Families - Reunification program works with families through a mix of face-to-face support and indirect work from our specialised and skilled caseworkers. Caseworkers work directly with families to develop and maintain strong family relationships. Families are also directed to other services which can help support family goals. Once referred, this service provides up to 12 hours a week of face to face and indirect support.

This service is only available if referred from the Department for Child Protection.