Urgent Support Needed Button (ring 000, lifeline, Emergency relief, homelessness, DFV)

Family and domestic violence 

(Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme, Escaping Violence Payment, Safe at HomeMale Perpetrator ProgramEmergency ReliefCoober Pedy Homelessness and Domestic and Aboriginal Family Violence ServiceYork and Mid North Domestic Violence Service)

Homelessness (Port Augusta and Port Pirie Homelessness Youth ServiceYork and Mid-North Generic Homelessness Service, Coober Pedy Homelessness and Domestic and Aboriginal Family Violence Service, Amity Youth Homelessness Service, Reconnect Service)

Financial wellbeing (Budgeting supportFinancial counselling and supportEscaping Violence PaymentMicrofinance loansEmergency reliefGambling Help Services)

Children and family (Foster Care, Hippy, Strengthening Family Relationships, CforC, CCS, Strong Families & Stong Communities, Resilient Families, Farming & Relationship Services, Strengthening Separated Families, Family Support Services, Advancing Families & Communities)

Disability and wellbeing (NDIS, CWC, Healthy Relationships, Gambling Help Services)

Foster care (Foster and respite care)

Young people (Advancing Families & Communities, Port Augusta and Port Pirie Homelessness Youth Service, STAY, Reconnect, Transition to Adult Life, I can be me, CforC, Indulkana Shed, Resicare, Family Reunification)

Social housing (Social Housing, SILs) 

In the community CforC, Foodhub, PP Community Centre, Parham Street CentrePeterborough HubGoods@GertrudeHealthy Relationships ProgramThe Haven (Safety Hub))