Uniting Country SA's Disability Services Team  fully support people living with disabilities by providing high quality, participant friendly services. We are a registered provided and have been providing services under the NDIS since 2016. We have the local knowledge and expertise to help you meet your support needs. 

If you are living with a disability and are on the NDIS, contact us today on 1300 067 777 for a confidential discussion about what we can do for you.

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Uniting Country SA can support participants with:

Plan Management

Support Coordination

 Support Workers

Plan Management is a funded support that can help you manage your NDIS supports. Plan Management allows participants to purchase supports from non NDIS registered providers and offers the most amount of flexibility and choice and control without the hassle of being self-managed. Participants will need Plan Management included in there NDIS plan, however if you would like to talk to us about how we can support this process. Call us today on 1300 067 777


Support Coordination in a capacity building support and helps participants understand the NDIS process, link with providers and main stream supports and help if things go wrong. Support Coordination is a good idea for new participants however this support will need to be included by your NDIS planner or Local Area Coordinator. Our Support Coordinators will work with you to get the most our of your NDIS plan and give you the skills you need to manage the plan as independently as you can into the future. 

We have a team of support workers that NDIS participants can access through Core Supports. Our support workers specialise in working with participants communities. Our support team can help you get out into the community, help you access activities, strengthen social connections, and can support participants to complete basic household tasks. We can support you to learn new skills and feel more independent.