Uniting Country SA's 
Disability Services Team support people living with disabilities by providing high quality, participant friendly services.

We are a registered provided and have been providing services under the NDIS since 2016. 

We have the local knowledge and expertise to help you meet your support needs. 

NDIS Registered Services

Plan Management - Plan Management is a funded support in your NDIS plan which allows for flexibility and greater choice in
service provider options.

Support Coordination and Specialist Support Coordination - Support Coordination involves working with you and
your support network to support you to understand your plan and funding, explore and connect with service providers and support your choice and control.

Support Work - We can support you to accomplish many everyday tasks and increase your daily independence

Psychosocial Recovery Coach - We will work collaboratively with you and your families, carers and other services to identify, plan,
design and coordinate NDIS supports. We can support you to explore and engage with mental health and other services.

Mentoring - Your Mentor can support you to explore, engage and build relationships within your support network and local community.

If you are living with a disability and are on the NDIS, contact us today on 1300 067 777 for a confidential discussion about what we can do for you.

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