Uniting Country SA provides Intensive Family Services in the Port Augusta City Council, Port Pirie Regional Council and Copper Coast Council Local Government Areas.  The service reflects the Supporting focus of the South Australian Government Safe and Well: Supporting families, protecting children strategy by providing earlier, intensive, targeted support to families with multiple and complex needs, to reduce incidents of child abuse and neglect and prevent children entering the child protection system in the first place.

How does this program work?

Intensive Family Services ensure the safety needs of children and young people are paramount within a family focussed approach, using assertive engagement, high quality safety and needs assessments, holistic case planning, Intentional therapeutic practice, risk monitoring and risk management processes.

Practitioners work intensively with families to support them to:

  • Improve family safety and wellbeing;
  • Improve family functioning; and
  • Strengthen connection to support in their community and culture.

How to access this service?

The Intensive Family Services can only be accessed by referral through the Child and Family Support Services triage line.