Uniting Country SA provides services to families, single adults and children, who are experiencing difficulties such as domestic violence, disability and mental health issues, financial distress, homelessness, and family breakdown in country SA. With more than 55 services provided from 27 sites, we strive to improve our local communities.

We work hard to provide the best services to our clients and our local, expert staff are willing to understand and help you through the challenges you face.

Our programs care for people in a number of different ways, some help individuals directly, some help families, and some programs can only be accessed when people are referred to it

Uniting Country SA's services are tailored to the individuals needs, and often include face-to-face case work, group work, advocacy and more. Our goal is to help you to learn and grow and give you the tools you need to tackle many of the challenges life throws at you.

If you are looking for support, for yourself or your family, Uniting Country SA is here to help you.