Financial stress is a common worry for many Australians so if you are worried about money, you are not alone. It can happen to anyone of us so if you are having trouble paying bills, understanding your utility and finance contracts or worried about how to stretch your weekly pay to cover all of your costs we can help you.

Our financial support service will listen to your story and work with you to understand your finances, identify your options, advocate and negotiate on your behalf and provide you with support and information.

Free community education sessions share information about utilities, money management and interest free loans.

Programs offered include Financial Counselling, Low Income Support Service and ConnectEd to support those affected by Problem Gambling

Our service is free, confidential and non judgemental.

How does this service work?

We offer individual case management services that look at your needs and tailor our service to meet them. We offer financial counselling, budgeting and advocacy support, access to microfinance products and community education. Our services are available to people experiencing forms of financial distress and anyone can refer themselves.

We will work with you to reduce your financial stress through one-on-one appointments.

 Which will be structured to suit your needs, with the ideal goal of helping you understand your finances and develop the skills to manage your expenses.

How do I access this service?

If you are interested in accessing this service you can get started by filling out this online form. Alternatively you can email our financial counselling team at [email protected]. Or call us on 1300 067 777.

Want to learn more?

Why not visit our microfinance service to learn another way we can help, or visit Money Smart for some tips and advice. 

This program funded by the South Australian Department of Human Services and the Australian Government Department of Social Services