Uniting Care Wesley Country SA (UCWCSA) is proud to release the Evaluation of the Indulkana (Iwantja) Youth and Community Shed

The shed has been operational in Indulkana for more than six years with the support of many stakeholders

Anthea Pavy, CEO, UCWCSA said “many people think that working in a community like Indulkana is too challenging to consider.  However, it can be very high in reward and the Indulkana Youth and Community Shed is an example of this.  It is great to see what can be achieved when community, governments and the not for profit sector work together.” 

“The Shed is now nearly 7 years old and I can see the difference it has made for the children that were in grade 1 when we started.  I would like to see the Shed continue another five years and see those children complete year 12”. 

The research was commissioned from the Australian Centre for Community Services Research (ACCSR), Flinders University. Professor Ian Goodwin-Smith, Director of ACCSR said “the evaluation revealed that the presence of the shed has had a positive impact on the community.”

“The Shed is a central hub for the community and not only for youth programs”.
“The program began life as a youth program, but it has grown to be more than that, and whilst it still caters to young people and their needs, it has a whole of community focus”.
“The Indulkana Community Council has played a pivotal role in the design and delivery of the Shed activity”. 
“Its impact is significant and delivers a range of positive and important social outcomes”. 
“The Shed is in need of adequate, flexible and reliable funding in order to provide sustainable and effective programs”. 
“The study reflects the importance of community based youth and community program in remote Australia”. 

On average, more than a third of the Indulkana population use the Youth Shed every day. 

If you would like to read more about this research, click below to download the full report

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