An Elderly indigenous women presented at Uniting Country SA's offices accompanied by her son. 

The client had an urgent need for a washing machine and a refrigerator. The need for the refrigerator, the most urgent as the client relied on family who live out of Ceduna for refrigerating her food. As a Centrelink recipient, the cost on the client was extremely impacting. To enable the client to purchase both items the worker applied for a Wyatt Grant to help with the costs. The balance outstanding was paid by UCSA’s Micro Credit Scheme and a small contribution from extended family.

In applying for the Wyatt Grant, there were some anomalies uncovered with regards the client’s finances. Assets on the Centrelink Income Statement revealed that the client had a substantial sum in a Managed Investment. Further investigation revealed that this was a payment from the Stolen Generation Fund and had been paid out in three payments – therefore the Centrelink Asset figure was required to be changed. Another amount reflected on the client’s statement revealed that she was in receipt of an annual superannuation payment. The worker assisted the client to complete relevant paperwork to access this superannuation, working in conjunction with Aboriginal Legal Rights Services. The small amount of funds has been transferred to the client.