Uniting Country SA is the education lead for Connected Beginnings in Port Augusta, funded through the Commonwealth Department of Education. 

This is a Collective Impact model supporting a movement for community change.  We want it to be driven and owned by Aboriginal people, supported by allies, to see all children and families thriving.  This model recognises the need to look at ways to collaborate and work together, to do things differently, while also recognising the positive impacts already being realised.  

Connected Beginnings focuses on children from birth to school age, pregnant women, and all caregivers. We want to work alongside you and your child.

We assist families and caregivers with connections and access to culturally appropriate services including:
• Playgroups
• Early childhood education and development
• Preschools and school readiness
• Family support
• Maternal and child health

A child needs to be healthy in their emotional, physical and educational world to get the best start.

We will work with children to meet their targets;
• gross motor skills, for example crawling, jumping or running.
• fine motor skills, such as writing and drawing.
• speech and language.
• cognitive and intellectual, such as counting or identifying shapes.
• social and emotional skills, such as playing with other children.

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