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TALI’s First ‘Graduate’

TALI is here to help young people move from the care system to live independently.

One of the first young people to seek help from TALI to move from being a child in long term care with the Department for Child Protection has ‘graduated’.

“Without the help and support from the TALI case manager and peer mentor, I would not have had the confidence to even set goals – and look what I have achieved in 5 months. I’ve got a job, I’m attending TAFE to get some qualifications, I’ve sorted out a place to live and I’ve learnt how to control my frustrations, stay positive and not lose it at the smallest thing. My friends like the new me and so do I.” – TALI Graduate

In the past the outcomes for young people leaving the care system when they turn 18 have in many cases not been positive, as they struggle with adult responsibilities, often alone. TALI is a pilot service available for young people 15 to 25 in Port Pirie and Port Augusta through Uniting Country SA and in Whyalla through Centacare Catholic Country SA. We are working with the Department for Child Protection to see what works to help young people who have left, or who are leaving care to thrive, not just survive.

Young people accessing TALI are supported by a case manager to look at all aspects of their life and help them set goals for what they want to achieve. They are also supported by a peer mentor, a young person with lived experience of the care system who can walk alongside them, helping them access support and to share experiences.

Our first graduate said “The TALI program has helped me be the best version of myself, that I never thought I could be. They understand me and I can recommend them, they really help.”