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Peterborough and Yongala brighter future community grants

The communities of Peterborough and Yongala care for their towns and Uniting Country SA (UCSA) is proud to have played a role in helping them thrive. Recently we supported four community run projects brought to us by enthusiastic Peterborough and Yongala community members. UCSA, together with the Department of Human Services, provided funding and support for these four projects.

The Peterborough History Group’s project, Reposting Peterborough, repaired and updated the 35 history markers spread throughout the town. These markers encourage tourists and locals to take the history walk around town.

The Yongala and District Hall committee rejuvenated the Yongala hall grounds. Removing the old boundary fence and replacing it with a stronger, more aesthetically pleasing fence.

The Peterborough Youth Action committee’s Outside In project gave the Peterborough Youth Centre a much needed facelift, adding some artwork to be displayed both inside and outside the building.

The Petersburg Proclamation Day Committee organised a day to celebrate the towns heritage and its history with rail. Occurring on October 7th, the Petersburg’s Proclamation Day event included stalls, music, food and even period accurate costumes. The event was a huge success, attracting hundreds of people, and was named “Peterborough Event of the Year.”

These four projects were all community run, with 1600 hours of volunteer work spread between them. Projects like these provide the opportunity for community members to choose the goals they want their community to achieve and then work together to fulfil them, granting a sense of ownership and pride while bringing people together. One school girl who worked on the Youth Centre project spoke of how she had gained confidence and had learnt many skills that she could use in her life.

The four projects mentioned here show how committed the people of Peterborough and Yongala are to making a difference in their communities. UCSA are proud to have supported these incredible projects.