In 2020, Uniting Country SA (UCSA) was proud to be the inaugural winner of the SA Healthy Towns Challenge Award. The organisation's volunteer run Port Pirie Community Foodhub won the award with its “Foodhub Health and Wellbeing Project”

Poor nutrition plays a significant role in diabetes, obesity and lead absorption. Increasing the community's understanding about the benefits of healthy eating is critical in empowering people to take control of their own health.

This project facilitated initiatives to improve people’s general health and wellbeing by increasing the community's understanding of the relationship between healthy eating and disease management. The project demonstrated how people on any budget can eat healthily, with activities that enabled people to learn how they can manage their own health and wellbeing. The sites volunteers also received training and education to empower them to engage with customers, share nutritional and promote healthy options.

Hon Stephen Wade MLC – Minister for Health and Wellbeing visited the Foodhub on the 11th February 2020 to present the award.

“The panel had a difficult job in selecting the winner, however a Port Pirie program, Foodhub Health and Wellbeing project demonstrated how a community can come together to better educate each other on healthy eating, reading food labels, cooking and eating well within a budget.  Many risk factors for chronic disease are preventable, so investing in projects that promote a healthy lifestyle will help avoid future health costs and ease pressure on hospitals and the wider health system”
- Hon Stephan Wade MLC

Since receiving this award, the Port Pirie Community Foodhub has continued to educate and inform customers on the benefits of healthy eating and how it empowers them to take control of their own health. While some activities were disrupted by COVID-19, the FoodHub was able to remain open for the entire year and the healthy meal packs at the centre of this initiative have remained as popular as ever.

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