Uniting Country SA and Uniting Country Housing (UCSA | UCH) are happy to welcome the volunteers and clients of Paper Talk to the organisation. Paper Talk provides people who are blind or vision impaired an opportunity to learn about what is happening in their local community by providing audio copies of the local newspaper. Currently based in Port Pirie, Paper Talk reads the Port Pirie Recorder for clients across the town.

Paper Talk have been part of the community for nearly thirty years, starting in 1992. The program was founded by Joan Richardson and Arthur Horner after learning of similar services available interstate. Each week, the volunteers would read the articles exactly as written in the newspaper to cassette tape, which would then be copied and distributed to clients. Over their thirty-year history, Paper Talk volunteers have read and recorded hundreds of articles on all kinds of recording technology.

In 2020, Paper Talk began searching for a new organisation to support their service and provide new opportunities for the program. UCSA|UCH were contacted early in this process and quickly saw the importance of this service to the community. UCSA|UCH is committed to supporting the community and caring for country people, and Paper Talk is a natural fit for the organisation.

Now, as part of UCSA|UCH’s volunteering workforce, the organisation is looking to grow the service to reach others in the community. Looking to support those who have impaired vision, low literacy skills, or who are prevented from reading due to disability or illness. UCSA|UCH is helping Paper Talk grow through the purchase of new radios and SD cards to supply to clients and helping the program reach new people in the community, with a goal of reaching 30 new clients by the end of the year.

To access this service or to learn more, call 1300 067 777 and ask for Paper Talk today.

Uniting County SA and Uniting Country Housing welcomes Paper Talk to the organisation. The agency looks forward to strengthening the relationship between the two groups, helping Paper Talk and UCSA|UCH grow to meet the challenges our community faces together.
Caring for country people in new, impactful, ways.

If you are interested in Volunteering at Paper Talk, Click Here