Today we acknowledge IDAHOBIT as a day to stand up against discrimination.

Whether you’re part of the LGTBIQ+ community or an ally, we stand together today.

IDAHOBIT has two main purposes:
1. An opportunity to celebrate the pride and allyship of the people who have worked to build equality around the world.
2. And to raise awareness of the discrimination LGBTIQ+ people still face today.

Despite the progress that has been made, stigma and discrimination still occur. This is also true in Australia, where:
68% of LGBTIQ+ employees are not out to everyone at work
2 in 3 LGBTIQ+ youth experience abuse due to their identity
35% of LGBTIQ+ Australians have experienced verbal abuse in the past 12 months

There's still work to do when it comes to creating a world where everyone is safe to be themselves.

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