Uniting Country SA (UCSA) is excited to celebrate the reopening of Goods@Gertrude, the organisation’s op shop, this week. Goods@Gertrude has been providing affordably priced pre-loved goods to Port Pirie in one form or another since 1970, and UCSA is once again happy to provide this service to the community.

Goods@Gertrude opened on the Monday the 6th of July at 9:30am to customers in response to easing of restrictions around the state.  Uniting Country SA is happy to welcome back all their volunteers and are grateful for their continued support throughout the years.

The store will only be able to accommodate 20 customers at a time to ensure the site meets social distancing regulations. Customers are encouraged to follow all markings and guidelines when in store to ensure the health of our volunteers and other customers. As part of these regulations Goods@Gertrude will not be accepting donations and will not be able to deliver or pick up any items for the time being. The shop will be open Monday to Thursday every week from 9:30am to 1:30pm for the foreseeable future.

Goods@Gertrude provides an important service to the community, providing quality, pre-loved clothing and goods at an affordable price. Helping people remain warm during the winter months and have access to furniture and other household goods that may otherwise be difficult to access.

Uniting Country SA has continued to provide its usual services during the COVID-19 crisis. If you need assistance call 1300 067 777 or email us at [email protected]. You can also still visit your local UCSA office, social distancing guidelines will apply.