In October 2019 UCSA wrote it’s 10,000th Microcredit Loan. 

Robyn, the recipient of the 10,000th loan, will be using the funds to purchase a set of hearing aids, which she would not have been able to afford without access to this loan.

Microcredit loans are interest and fee free loans which assist low income earners to purchase essential goods and services such as specialist medical fee gaps, car repairs, transport to medical appointments, sporting club fees and uniforms.

Since the inception of UCSA’s Microcredit Loan Scheme in 2004 the original $40,000 of seed capital has generated over $3.8million worth of loans. The loan capital not only supports people to access essential goods and service but also contributes to the local economy as nearly all items are sourced from local businesses.

Quotes from previous applicants:

It makes me feel much better … because I am paying for it - it's not charity … Now at the end of my fortnight I've still got some money and I think that's good because I never used to

The first loan was to fix my car and without fixing up my car I would not have been able to get a job.

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