Our team of financial counsellors is here to help, offering a non-judgmental, qualified, and experienced support system.

We can work with you to..

  1. Negotiating payment plans with creditors
  2. Addressing late payments on mortgages, rent, utilities, council rates, school fees, or other loans
  3. Ensuring essential utilities remain connected
  4. Dealing with Buy Now Pay Later arrangements
  5. Handling debt recovery and court actions
  6. Exploring hardship arrangements
  7. Understanding consumer rights
  8. Managing money and setting up a budget
  9. Providing information about bankruptcy and alternative options

Please note that while our financial counsellors specialise in personal finance, they cannot offer legal advice, business advice, or personal counseling. If necessary, we can refer you to other services that can help in these areas.

You can reach our financial counsellors either face-to-face or over the phone.

Contact us on 1300 067 777.

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