If you want to move out before the end of your current lease with us, you need to provide us with at least 14 days written notice. You can download a Notice to Vacate form by clicking the button below.

Notice to Vacate

Please note the following when vacating:

You will need to arrange a time for us to undertake a final inspection of your home on the day you intend to vacate. You must ensure the property is clean, tidy and in good condition by the final inspection date.

During the final inspection we will compare the condition of the property with the ingoing property report from when you moved in. This allows us to see what repairs are needed, what is fair wear and tear (that we are responsible for), and what is outside of fair wear and tear (that you will be responsible for). You will be charged for repairs that do not occur as a result of fair wear and tear as well as for cleaning and rubbish removal if the property is not left in clean and tidy condition.

You will need to hand back your keys (all copies).

You will need to ensure that all rent is paid up to vacancy date and that all monies owing to UCH are paid before you vacate, or a payment arrangement is made.

Rent is charged up to, and including, the last day of your tenancy. You will continue to be charged rent until the end of the notice period and you have returned your all keys to us.

If you leave without returning the keys to us, we will seek and order for possession of the property and charge you for all access and key replacement costs.

You will need to provide a forwarding address for your correspondence.