Domestic Violence refers to violence; abuse and intimidation between people who are currently or have previously been in an intimate relationship.  Violence is used to control and dominate another person.

Family Violence

In some communities across Australia the term “Family Violence” is used in place of Domestic Violence.  Family Violence refers to violence between family members as well as intimate partners. For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities, the term ‘family violence’ better reflects their understanding and experience of violence.

Violence against anyone can cause fear, physical harm and/or psychological harm.


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Domestic Violence and/or Family Violence can include

Physical Violence

The use of or threats of physical violence or the damaging of personal property / housing

Technology-facilitated abuse

Using monitoring software to obtain a person’s location, obtaining copies of text messages or contact numbers.

Emotional Violence

Using insults, put downs and humiliation. It can also mean attacking a persons confidence, embarrassing them in public and more

Spiritual Abuse

Insulting or degrading someone for religious or cultural beliefs, not allowing them to practice their beliefs or forcing their beliefs onto another.

Social Abuse

Isolation  from  friends and family, smothering, constantly being monitored and controlled over what they do and who they speak to.                                  

Economic Abuse

Control over all financial matters, keeping someone from obtaining employment, taking out loans in partners names, placing unrealistic financial expectations on another

Sexual Abuse

Forcing someone to do anything sexual against their will, and could include physically attacking the sexual parts of the body, demanding sex, rape, bondage, using objects, treating them as a sex object.               

Power Abuse

Making all the ‘big’ decisions, including decisions affecting the victims life, treating them like a servant, and expecting them to share everything about how they feel, what they are doing and their plans even if they do not want to tell.

Domestic Violence and Family Violence happens in all kinds of relationships, including between partners, LGBTIQ+ partners, older people and their children, parents and their teenage children, and more. 

Domestic and Family Violence is not okay, stand up speak up. Let’s support all our communities to live a life free from violence and gender inequality

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