Farewell to the National Student Wellbeing Program

After eight years, Uniting Country SA will wrap up delivering the National Student Wellbeing Program at the end of 2023. We've grown over the years to provide the program to 16 schools across regional and remote South Australia, with 14 staff working 8-12 hours each week with the support of two Team Leaders. We want to say a big thank you to the Department for Education and the 16 schools for choosing us to be a provider for this program. We also wish our amazing Wellbeing Support Officers all t Read more

From Our Kitchen to Yours: Favourite Recipes from Our Staff

From Our Kitchen to Yours: Favourite Recipes from Our Staff Read more

Sheriden Tate

A chat with Sheriden Tate, Wellbeing Support Officer, Airdale Primary School. Read more

Rachel Tubb

A chat with Rachel Tubb, Wellbeing Support Officer, Mid North Education Centre (Special Education Centre) Read more

Celebrating 20 years of volunteering - Mary Smith

My name is Mary Smith and I’ve been at Uniting Country SA for nearly twenty years. I used to come into the Op Shop when a woman at the old shop asked me to volunteer. I’ve made good friends, good company, and it’s nice to sit and have a cup of tea and chat to people. Especially when you’re getting older, it gets you out of the house. The first thing people ask when they come in is ‘how much do you get paid?’ But of course we don’t do it for money, we do it for the love of doing it. Read more

Escaping Violence Payment

Money worries should not stop you from leaving a violent partner. The Escaping Violence Payment is available to anyone who is experiencing violence from their partners. Read more