Uniting Country SA has over 150 active volunteers across several locations throughout the north and western regions of South Australia. By joining our team, you have an opportunity to help support programs to improve the possibilities for vulnerable South Australians in Country communities.

Volunteering for us, we offer you:

  • A valuable stepping stone back into the workforce
  • A fantastic way to gain experience
  • A great way to give something back to your community
  • An opportunity to build confidence, resilience and empathy
  • An opportunity to develop existing and new skills
  • An opportunity to meet new people and make friends

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Volunteer for Centerlink purposes

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can I do volunteer work to qualify for my Centrelink payment?
    Yes, if you receive an allowance (i.e Newstart) from Centrelink that asks you to volunteer (i.e 15 hours per week) to qualify for your payments we can generally help you meet all, or part of, that commitment. This depends on the vacancies that exist.
  1. Can I get a reference from Uniting Country SA?
    After volunteering for a period of three months or more, you can request that your Volunteer Coordinator acts as a referee.
  1. Can I go on holidays?
    Everyone needs a break and we encourage you to plan some time away from your volunteer tasks. Let your Volunteer Coordinator know in advance when you intend to be away so that suitable arrangements can be made in your absence.
  1. Do I get trained for my volunteer role?
    Training opportunities will be available depending on funding and training needs. Please speak with your coordinator.
  1. Do I require any screening checks?
    Yes, all volunteers must have a DHS Working with Children Check before commencement. This is free of charge and will be organised by the Volunteer Coordinator at Uniting Country SA.