The very first record of a Wesleyan Methodist Church in Port Pirie was of a small galvanised iron structure 28 feet square which was built in 1873. During 1875 a new weatherboard church was built on the corner of Alexander and Gertrude Streets in Port Pirie.

At the Annual Methodist conference in March 1912 it was unanimously agreed that the Port Pirie Methodist Church should become Central Mission. The Mission aimed to be the living centre of evangelistic effort and social service, in an endeavour to counteract the influence of the hotels, and to attempt to help people have better things in life. Rev. JC Hughes was the first Superintendent of the newly formed Mission. A group of volunteers concerned about the welfare of sailors whilst in port agreed to visit the boats on a regular weekly basis. In September 1912 Sister Annie was inducted as a Sister of the People. Her role was to work among the 4,000 inhabitants in the Port Pirie West area experiencing hardship. The existing weatherboard building was by this time inadequate for the Mission’s needs and a larger building was envisaged.