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1’st Health and Wellbeing Cooking Demonstration

It is well known that eating healthy can help make you feel better and happier. The chance to eat healthy should be available to all, but it can be difficult to go for healthy options when you are on a tight budget. Uniting Country SA’s (UCSA) Health and Wellbeing Project, part of an SA Healthy Towns Challenge Grant, aims to increase awareness of the options available by demonstrating and distributing tasty recipes that can be made using ingredients commonly available for purchase at the Port Pirie Community Foodhub.

On May 1’st, at the Community Foodhub, UCSA held the first cooking demonstration in store. We made a “Healthier Hamburger” utilising ingredients that can be purchased at the Foodhub. We also showed a comparison between a retail purchased hamburger and a homemade hamburger, highlighting nutritional value with an emphasis on the price.
The response on the day was fantastic with 19 hamburgers made and sampled by customers, and 29 recipe cards handed out. Since the demonstration a further 20 recipe cards have been taken by customers.

“this is a wonderful idea to have this done in store showing all of the items available here at the Foodhub, and I love the idea of hiding vegetables in the meat for my kids” – Foodhub customer

“I will have to try and make this myself cause it is a lot tastier than what I usually buy and it’s lots cheaper” – Foodhub customer

Uniting Country SA will have a cooking demonstration every 4-6 weeks showcasing healthier choices utilising food purchased from the Community Foodhub and of course highlighting the cost difference. As part of the Health and Wellbeing Project, a six week cooking class will be held at Uniting Country SA’s Parham Centre. The classes will include cooking healthy options on a budget, how to utilise food item purchase from the Community Foodhub as well as great ideas and skills about cooking in bulk to save money. Clients who complete all classes will receive a gift pack including essential cooking equipment to help them make healthier meals.

To register your interest in the cooking classes either leave your contact details at the Community Foodhub or phone the Coordinator on 0447 029 801.

If you would like to learn more about the Community Foodhub click here. If you would like to help support UCSA or the Community Foodhub, click here to donate or here to volunteer.