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Communities for Children Port Augusta

Communities for Children Port Augusta

What do we do?

Children are at the centre of the C4C approach and its initiatives focus on supporting the health and early development needs of young children conception to 12 years, supporting parents and building and supporting child-friendly communities. Effort focuses on the five key areas identified under the National Agenda for Early Childhood:

1) Healthy young families and

2) Learning and care

3) Supporting families and parents

4) Creating child-friendly communities and Reducing Disadvantage through Social Inclusion

5) Family and children’s services work effectively as a system

Key Funding Source

Department of Social Services

Who can we help?

Significantly disadvantaged families, especially vulnerable and at risk families and children in the community.

Who can you contact?

Annie Adams 0488 529 936

Where are we based?

36 Stirling Rd, Port Augusta

What areas do we cover?

Port Augusta Stirling North and Davenport Community.

Pass Point Program

If you have children at home and any of them are 12 years of age of younger , you can pick up some great goods and services from our local businesses just by registering and getting involved . In many cases it will be for doing things that you already do. Look for the Pass Point logo on groups held in Port Augusta.

Download the Pass Point flyer here

Family Friendly Businesses

To nominate a business, click HERE

or to download the form click HERE