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Disability Employment Service

Disability Employment Service

What do we do?

We assist people with a disability to find suitable employment and/or training, and as a result positively change their lives. Other assistances include goal setting, job search, resume preparation, increasing employability skills and organising work experience.

Key Funding Source

Department of Social Services

Who can we help?

People with disability, people suffering from mental illness, unemployed & early school leavers who are all receiving an income support payment.

Who can you contact?

Tracy Holden
Senior Manager
0427 678 338

Megan Haynes
Team Leader
0427 318 793

Port Pirie Office: 8633 9021 (Monday to Friday)
Andrew Quin
8633 9012
0437 436 555

Robyn Kennedy
8633 9020

Where are we based?

UCSA offices from which the program operates:
Port Pirie – Flinders Arcade, Ellen Street

What areas do we cover?

Port Pirie and surrounding areas, and the Mid North


Clients be referred by Centrelink or they direct registration (self-refer)

DES Audit Highlights

• “UCSA’s Vision, Mission and Values outline the organisations commitment to promoting the belief and ability of a ‘compassionate, respectful and just community where all people flourish’. The organisations vision is well entrenched throughout the organisation as was made clear from staff interviews and client feedback in regards to the level of service delivery received”.

• During the Audit Exit Interview, auditors commented “The DES program case notes are the best we have seen”

• “Several clients reported that UCSA staff smile when you enter the office, and always ask how I am”.

• “The Audit Team observed that clients are treated with respect and courtesy at all times”

• “Clients reported that their freedom of expression is always fostered and encouraged and there are never any attempts to stifle or block their directions”

• “Clients interviewed described a friendly and helpful environment on entry into the service and did not feel discriminated against or treated unfairly”

• “Clients relayed to the Audit Team of the relationship between them and their case worker, saying that they are: approachable, upbeat, work together, understanding, encouraging, and, “I feel as though I am in good hands”.

• “The overall feedback from clients about the DES service being provided by UCSA is good. Clients are very happy with the staff and their skills. If staff are not aware of the information required they will seek out further resources or referrals to obtain the required information”.