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Child Aware Approach (CAA) & Child Aware Regional Engagement Strategy (CARES)

Child Aware Approach (CAA) & Child Aware Regional Engagement Strategy (CARES)

What is CAA?

We focus on the needs of children in every aspect of our work. CAA aims to encourage all children to have the opportunity to flourish or thrive.

What is CARES?

It’s our Child Aware Approach program extending across the region.

Child Aware Regional Engagement Strategy includes encouraging other agencies and services in our communities to adopt the Child Aware Approach philosophy.

UnitingCare Wesley Country SA recognise that it’s the united strength of us working together that can promote change for our vulnerable families, and encourage the opportunity for every child to flourish.

All of us together aim to put the needs of the child first in everything that we do.

What does CARES training include?

It’s a 4 -5 hour interactive training session where we discuss

* Brain development

* Childrens Ages and Stages

* Human Drivers

* Trauma in its many forms

* Strategies to Move Forward

Rights and Responsibilities of Children

Who participates?

Our agency trains all staff, volunteers and foster carers in this program.

We have also delivered training to allied service providers in the community service sector, government agencies including education, health and child protection.

Parents, grandparents, community elders, and kinship carers have also participated with positive feedback.

Who delivers CARES?

We have a team of CAA Champions spread across the region. This includes Marie at Port Lincoln, Donna at Kadina and many others at Port Pirie and Port Augusta.

What about future opportunities?

We are developing a youth specific version – ECHO (Excellent Choices for Healthy Outcomes). This will be trialled across the region with Year 10 students in the first instance.

Key Funding Source?

UnitingCare Wesley Country SA Board funds this program.

How do I access more information?

Coordinator for CARES is Liz at 60 Florence Steet, Port Pirie.

Contact details – Phone 08 8633 8640 or email

Child Aware Project Report

Click HERE to read the project report.